Akash Mehta


                     Akash Mehta has been associated with lighting products and lighting design for over a decade. He has worked on various high-scale projects which have had scope in regards to big lighting installations. "Good lighting is a gift to any space - it can uplift the elements and highlight the right character of the space," says Akash. He works towards using light to enhance the experience of visual environments - be it architectural, strategic branding, interiors or innovative product design. Approach towards design:We work in close collaboration with our clients and their designers, using light to reveal the core principles of the design, while integrating light into the final built form. We combine creativity with pragmatism ensuring that the client's lighting solution is both sustainable and easy to manage.Akash has been involved in the lighting master-plan for many high end residences and hotels and has also been involved in designing lighting solutions for architectural facade.


Poonam Mehta


                       Originally from Chennai, Poonam Mehta started designing at an early age and has grown strength to strength since. She has over a decade of designing experience, ranging from renovations to new construction. Poonam has studied Interior Design at the respected University of Arts in London. Her affinity for design is seen in her clean, clutter-free aesthetics and unique sense of space. Having worked with venerable names like Talati & Pathanky (Tparch.in) in the cut throat environment of a metropolis like Mumbai, Poonam has had invaluable experience with the best in the business. She is now exploring the ever changing skyline of Pune city and has worked with the globally recognized DSP designs (dspdesign.co.in) as a design consultant for three years. Her passion for designing and thirst for creative growth combined with the indispensable business acumen of her husband, led to the formation of AMPM designs in 2014. Together with her talented lighting designer husband Akash Mehta, Poonam recognised the need for unique, custom made designs and spaces that reflected the personalities and tastes of their clients. Within a short span, AMPM has come to be recognised as an acclaimed design firm that combines sensitivity and professionalism to deliver awe-inspiring designs and space solutions.  



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